Japan, My Parents and Moerenuma Park


This is the Scale’s first international post! I’ve been in Japan for about 3 weeks now and been from the middle to the bottom to the top and back to the middle!

This isn’t my first journey to Japan, at age 2 (1989) I first lived in Kyoto for 1 year – for those of you who can remember 1989… I’m sure it was a good year, I had a great time!

Around the mid 90s I was very involved with Aikido and Kendo. It was around this time I went back to visit Kyoto when my dad was there. My mum has been a big driving force behind my Japanese experience. Having studied Japanese in her Undergrad and going on to study Japanese management in S.E. Asia her love of Japan runs deeper than mine. She has introduced me to many things related to Japan, specifically around martial arts.

Noguchi interests me for two reasons. Firstly his sculptures and secondly he is a mixed kid (just like me!), his mother is American and father is Japanese. His work really engages the moment.

Whilst in Sapporo I visited one of his last efforts as a Sculptor, Moerenuma Park (wiki). It is a park that is considered to be “one complete sculpture”, and they nailed it! I spent a solid day exploring most of the park. From the peak of Mt. Moere to the Forrest of Cherry Trees to the Glass Pyramid. As you walked along and looked into the distance you could see each individual sculpture blend with another and forming a larger piece. Everything is deeply considered and deeply connected.

Here are a few images I took of the Park:

[click on image for original]

IMG_0501 IMG_0521 IMG_0577 IMG_0677 IMG_0697 IMG_0914 IMG_0887 IMG_0953 IMG_0941 IMG_0844 IMG_0599 IMG_0803

If there is anything you get out of these Friday link post’s, I hope that it opens at least one path of investigation, which hopefully will lead to many many more.

All the best from Osaka Japan,